About Us

Lamont Pridmore was established over 100 years ago and despite our age, we are a modern, family run, national award winning practice, led by the same senior management team and partners for the last 25 years.

We combine traditional values with a forward-thinking, innovative approach to the constantly evolving demands of the modern business world, we focus on the future rather than the past and start where other firms finish.

We were the one of the first firms of chartered accountants to achieve Investors in People, and at a recent re-assessment we were described as “a truly world class organisation”. We are one of the UK’s Best Firms to work for and are a National Training Award winner.

Lamont Pridmore is a member of the British Quality Foundation, and regularly benchmarks its performance against the Business Excellence Model.

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We regularly ask our clients to evaluate our services and performance. Their feedback is essential in enabling us to achieve our vision, to anticipate and respond to your needs and to further develop our services.

In fact, 85 percent of our new clients are as a result of referrals from existing ones.

The results from our most recent client evaluations speak for themselves:

Helpfulness and courtesy98Value for money92
Continuity of staff98Personal attention92
Friendliness98Understanding the client’s business92
Technical competence96Proactivity of advice91
Efficiency96Keeping the client informed of developments90
Speed of response95Banks and advisors recommending us ahead of other firms in the area90
Recommend us to others94Use of understandable language89
  • We will never charge more fees than the value we add; therefore our services will never cost more than the benefits we achieve. In the last year, we achieved 300 percent more added value compared with the fees we charged.
  • We will use a unique process to help increase your profits and grow your business.
  • We will respond to your phone calls within minutes, not days.
  • We will always submit your financial accounts and tax returns before the statutory deadline.
  • To create and develop visionary partners who are enthusiastic champions of change.
  • To know and understand our clients.
  • To unlock the potential of our people.
  • To deliver products and services that exceed your expectations
  • To continuously introduce new and differentiated products and services.

In addition, we bring a framework of values to everything we do:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Loyalty
  • Respect
  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Value for Money
  • Focus
  • Enthusiasm and Passion
  • Innovation and Creativity

Our practice inspires and develops both its people and its clients, helping them fulfil their aspirations. We aim to add considerable and measurable financial value to your business and life by:

  • Providing great value for money
  • Consistently exceeding your expectations
  • Striving to achieve the highest professional standards
  • Valuing our people and clients as our greatest assets
  • Committing to lifelong learning and investment in people

Lamont Pridmore Vision, Values and Behaviours Framework

Mission Statement: Our practice inspires and develops its people and clients and helps to fulfil their aspirations. We help our clients build better businesses, deliver exceptional service and gain total fulfilment from their work, their business and their organisation.

Our Vision: We want to help our clients to succeed and prosper.  We want to give great value for money.  We want to constantly meet our client’s expectation by becoming their long-term trusted advisor.  We are passionate in all that we do and achieve the highest professional standards.  Our people and our clients are our greatest assets.  We are a lifelong learning organisation and a committed Investor in People.

Our ValuesOur Behaviours

Client Focus

We are passionate about the services we provide and are committed to improving those services for our clients year on year

Puts clients first

Lamont Pridmore needs people whose first thought is for their customers (internal and external), always considers how their actions will impact on customers and takes account of clients’ needs when planning activities or services.

Consistently meeting client expectations

Lamont Pridmore needs people for whom it is not enough to satisfy clients and to deliver what is expected but to consistently go the extra mile. They delight clients with their customer focused ethos and commitment, becoming their Trusted Adviser.

Strives for client excellence

Lamont Pridmore needs people who put all their energy into delivering the most exceptional and high-quality services time after time. They always seek to do better than the time before and take pride in their outstanding service delivery.

Recognises individual customer needs and delighting our clients

Lamont Pridmore needs people who truly believe that each client is unique and that their circumstances are exceptional. They respond accordingly, treating their clients with consideration and respect.


We strive to be the best in our sector and combine an entrepreneurial drive with constantly improving effectiveness and efficiency in the provision of our services

Seeks improvements

Lamont Pridmore needs people who look for better or more efficient ways of carrying out their roles and responsibilities by consistently developing new and innovative products & services to meet our clients changing needs and requirements

Strives for excellence

Lamont Pridmore needs people who consistently seek to achieve the highest standards of service and performance, delivering outstanding and exceptional results.

Embraces change

Lamont Pridmore needs people who recognise that change is necessary and exciting and who respond in a consistently positive way, demonstrating energy and enthusiasm in their approach to new ideas and activities. They are prepared to challenge the accepted way of doing things and encourage others to do the same in order to continuously improve Lamont Pridmore’ performance.


We maintain the highest standards of behaviour and integrity to build trusting partnerships

Is professional

Lamont Pridmore needs people who display the highest standards of behaviour and conduct themselves with pride and professionalism. They encourage others to do the same and challenge those who do not

Acts as a role model

Lamont Pridmore needs people who are proud of their role and position in the company. They are prepared to lead by example in the way in which they carry out their responsibilities and positively influence others to do the same.

Positively represents our business

Lamont Pridmore needs people who speak about the company with pride and conviction and who act as ambassadors for everything Lamont Pridmore stands for. They use every opportunity to promote and publicise our people, the work we do, the products and services we provide.

Values resources

Lamont Pridmore needs people who respect the efficient use of resources. They are committed to playing their part in reducing wastage, making use of technology and encouraging others to consider their environmental impact.


We develop a team approach to achieving a consistent quality service, working effectively together towards a common goal

Achieves results

Lamont Pridmore needs people who are focused on delivering results and outcomes for internal and external customers alike. They thrive on being able to demonstrate where they have been able to make a difference individually and as part of a team.

Keeps promises

Lamont Pridmore needs people who do what they say they will do every time and are trusted to fulfil their responsibilities. They are responsive and do not let others down or compromise services or results.

Focuses on quality

Lamont Pridmore needs people who take pride in the quality and effectiveness of their work, who have high standards of performance and behaviour and who know what is required to deliver exceptional results. They are supportive of others in raising their standards of performance and encourage others to deliver consistently strong results.


We ensure diversity and mutual respect are embedded by promoting equal outcomes for all

Works collaboratively and co-operatively

Lamont Pridmore needs people who recognise that the best results are achieved by working with others in a harmonious and supportive way. They work exceptionally well in teams and respect others’ contributions.

Builds relationships

Lamont Pridmore needs people who are able to invest time and energy in developing productive and lasting relationships, internally and externally. They consider the needs of others and respond to these consistently and supportively.

Values Diversity

Lamont Pridmore needs people who believe that everyone has a valid and valuable contribution to make to our business. They do everything they can to develop an inclusive and supportive culture and climate, making the most of individual talents and experiences.

Enthusiasm and Passion

We provide opportunities and encouragement for our staff and customers to learn, develop their full potential and achieve their objectives

Develops self

Lamont Pridmore needs people who are self-motivated and keen to learn and develop. They are enthusiastic and take ownership for their own personal and professional growth & development.

Is positive and upbeat

Lamont Pridmore needs people who maintain a positive and optimistic outlook about their work and the part they play in contributing to our performance and success.

Has a ‘can do’ attitude

Lamont Pridmore needs people who are open minded about what they are asked to do and are prepared to get involved in new activities. They recognise that the most important role they can play is one which contributes to exceptional customer service and our overall performance.

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