Corporate and Social Responsibility including our commitment to the UN Global Goals

At Lamont Pridmore we are firmly rooted in Cumbria and we have long been committed to giving something back to the diverse communities we serve.

Based around a core set of family values, our firm works with hundreds of businesses across a wide range of sectors in the region and we take great pride in our close relationship with clients.

Our firm has played an important role in the local economy supporting a number of local organisations and community groups. 

We also support several annual business awards events in recognition of the fantastic standards that many local companies offer, while encouraging others to continue to strive for excellence and innovation. 

In recent years, our supported has included the CN Group Business Awards, Cumbria Tourism Awards, Cumbria Family Business Awards and CN Media’s Business Boost competition.

As part of our drive to improve the prospects of the North West we enjoy strong relationships with 14 local schools across the county and regularly sponsor prizes for students for outstanding academic achievements.

We strongly believe that the high performing students of today could go on to become the business leaders of tomorrow and should be recognised and encouraged to achieve their full potential.

As part of this commitment, we regularly provide work experience and careers advice to a wide range of students every year, in addition to sponsoring a number of careers and skill development events.

Our firm has also launched the Lamont Pridmore Grassroots Grant Fund, which is managed by the Cumbria Community Foundation.  

This provides grants to organisations working with children and young people in Cumbria, helping to raise aspirations and increase opportunities.

Our entire team is actively encouraged by us to pursue voluntary work within their communities and we provide them with time off to do so.  As a result 75% of partners and staff are engaged in such activities, which cumulatively exceed £7.5 million.

Their work outside of the firm ranges from being a school governor to treasurer of a local cricket club – roles that involve putting their knowledge, professional skills and expertise to use for the good of these communities.

Our Chief Executive, Graham Lamont, is past chairman of the Cumbria Learning and Skills Council and the Cumbria Employment and Skills Board.

He is also joint chair of the voluntary board of trustees for Cumbria Theatre Trust, which runs the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick.

As a forward-thinking firm we are also committed to reducing our carbon footprint, by switching to Cloud computing and providing more iPhones and iPads so our staff can access documents from anywhere with an internet connection, significantly reducing the need to travel and therefore reducing carbon emissions.

We are also members of the Nurture Lakeland, planting 2,000 trees in the Ennerdale Valley as part of a conservation project.

We are proud to say that our work has previously been recognised by the ICAEW when they were presented with the Community Award and the Everybody Counts Award in recognition of their commitment to their local communities. 

B1G1 Movement – Business for Good.

Lamont Pridmore has joined the B1G1 Movement – and is committed to becoming a Business for Good by creating a world full of giving.

B1G1 projects are broken down into small quantifiable impacts, so we’re trying to make a difference by linking some of our regular business activities to a micro-impact.  When combined, these micro-impacts create a real change in the world.

Every time we gain a new client we will supply 31 days of clean water in the world

Every time we send an invoice a tree will be planted in the world

The UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development

We have recently signed up to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development campaign which has laid out 17 goals for businesses and people to follow, including clean and affordable energy, quality education, and responsible consumption and production.

Corporate and Social Responsibility including our commitment to the UN Global Goals