Lamont Pridmore Fund: Giving back to West Cumbria

Lamont Pridmore has launchlp-funded a new fund to provide financial assistance to individuals and organisations, such as clubs, groups, associations and schools, to help support exciting local projects.

With up to £2,000 on offer to fund activities that help young people live active, healthy and interesting lives, we hope to encourage people to develop new skills and competencies, helping themselves and others.

The Lamont Pridmore Fund is managed by Cumbria Community Foundation, a charity dedicated to meeting local needs through grant funding.

If you know of a project that could qualify and benefit from up to £2,000, get in touch by completing an application form.

To be successful in their application for funding, candidates will need to clearly demonstrate how the money will benefit them and their local community, as well as agreeing to press and online promotion of their activity.

“The local communities of West Cumbria have played an important part in our history and so we are delighted to be giving back to young people, local clubs, schools and organisations.

“We hope this funding will help open up new opportunities to the region’s young people, which will feed back into the communities in which they live.”

Graham Lamont, Chief Executive of Lamont Pridmore