Cumbrian rugby masters visit France with the help of Lamont Pridmore to celebrate the birth of rugby league in France

Lamont Pridmore - Accountants

Members of the Barrow Masters Rugby League team – a team we are proud to support – took part in the 2019 Perpignan Tour, which celebrated the introduction of “nouveau rugby” to France more than 80 years ago.

Glenn Bond, a member of the Barrow Masters team and Director of Financial Services at Lamont Pridmore Asset & Wealth Management, was one of the people to take part in the tour, which was made up of mature rugby players over the age of 35 from across the UK who have retired from competitive rugby.

The trip included a visit to Ille sur Tet, the birthplace of Jean Galia, who in 1934 introduced Rugby League to France. During the trip a wreath was laid to commemorate the life of the famous French sportsman.

While in the town, the UK Masters took on the Galia Tots, the Masters team from Ille sur Tet, almost 85 years on from the start of Rugby League in France at the picturesque, Stade Jean Galia.

The games were played in perfect Masters spirit: smiles and fun everywhere, with players from all across England including the Captain of Hull and Eastmoor. The games ended in a draw with the home side then showing the visitors how to celebrate at the end of the game.

The Perpignan Tour has visited Ille sur Tet’s, Galia Totes Festival in previous years in hopes of spreading the Masters League on the continent.

Its latest trip included commemorations of the 75th anniversary of D Day as well as taking in a number of local landmarks and festivals.

We are delighted to be the sponsor of the Barrow Masters Rugby League team and we were glad to hear that they had an enjoyable tour in France spreading news about the league.

Supporting organisations like this is really important to us as a practice, as it reaffirms our commitment to the local communities that we serve.