Four reasons we are proud to be Cumbrian this Cumbria Day

Lamont Pridmore - Accountants

#CumbriaDay is just around the corner, where we get together to celebrate what it means to be Cumbrian. With good food and good people, here at Lamont Pridmore we’ll be taking advantage of everything Cumbria has to offer this 23 January.

Here are four reasons we are proud to be Cumbrian this Cumbria Day:

  1. The sights

We share our home with the Lake District National Park and are famous for our green landscapes and tranquil lakes.

The “colourful coast” of Whitehaven with its iconic multi-coloured buildings is a marvel to behold, proving that even our homes are built with aesthetics in mind.

People travel from miles around to see our local wildlife – puffins, guillemots and choughs.

  1. The produce

Cumbria Day is a celebration of the businesses and products that are made in our gorgeous county. Our bustling food and drink industry is worth £300 million, employing over 16,000 people.

Wandering the streets of any of our villages, we’re sure to come across a myriad of locally made cheeses and beer to enjoy, and a friendly face to serve them to us.

  1. The history

We have a rich history as a mining county, the first undersea coal mine in England was built here – Saltom Pit.

From castles like Appleby or Piel to mining museums like Millom or Nenthead Mine, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to ancient landmarks that keep our interests peaked and our imaginations active.

  1. The camping

Whether it’s roasting marshmallows or exploring the hills and forests in our beautiful north-west county, camping is a staple of Cumbrian life.

We’re proud to be Cumbrian here at Lamont Pridmore. Show us your pride by tweeting with the hashtag #CumbriaDay and tell us what makes you proud to be Cumbrian too!