The Hospitality Industry is Looking Up

Lamont Pridmore - Accountants

Job roles in the hospitality industry saw a massive rise over the course of 2018. The average pay advertised for roles went up by 7.1 per cent as well as the number of roles advertised within the industry growing by 19 per cent.

The average salary expected to be received in the hospitality industry is now £28,850, making it the third largest growing industry of 2018. Hospitality lost out to the largest growing industry, legal, and the second largest, marketing.

Managing Director of CV-Library, Lee Biggins, has suggested that the reason for this growth in salary is due to “competition for businesses to attract and secure the most talented hospitality professionals.”

Mr Biggins has high hopes for the future of the industry stating to those looking for a pay rise that “There’s plenty of opportunity within in this influential industry.”

Despite the promise of the hospitality industry, employees within the industry fell by around 18,000 last year, with potentially more to be lost if freedom of movement for EU citizens is put to an end.

Under new guidelines, those immigrating from the EU to the UK would require a salary of £30,000 or more. The issue there is that around 43 per cent of the lower level occupations within the UK’s hospitality industry are filled by EU nationals, as of a 2016 survey. Which, while creating more jobs for UK nationals, may leave a gap too large to fill without the industry taking a hit.