Franchisee Services

At Lamont Pridmore we provide a wide range of advisory services for franchisees. Whether you’re an established franchisee or you’re starting a new business venture, we understand the specific problems that all franchisees face.

As an entrepreneurial franchisee, you’ve already proved your passion for business and made a significant investment to join a leading brand.

We are dedicated to helping you reap the maximum rewards from your hard work by helping you to extract your profits in the most tax efficient way. By working with you closely before making a decision we can ensure that you benefit from any available commercial or tax opportunities.

We can also help you with your regular financial reporting requirements which are critical to your success – whether these are required as part of your franchise agreement or by your external funders. Working closely with you to ensure the preparation of the numbers and provide a holistic overview of your business’s performance.

Our finance director service will ensure your specific franchise accounting requirements are met on time and that you have an enhanced financial understanding of the key performance indicators of your business.

We go beyond the numbers and simple reporting to help you analyse your financial position to spot emerging trends and potential problems to help you plan and budget for the future.

We will work with you to improve your profits and, should your business need to improve its profitability, we can help which in turn will enhance the value of your franchise.

Knowing the value of your franchise is critical for many purposes and our experience in this sector means we understand the factors that make a franchise different from any other business.

We can also undertake a competitor analysis to ensure that your pricing and profit margins are comparable to others in your sector.

Throughout the life of your business we will help you to undertake tax planning ahead of any business decision, as well as carrying out an annual pre year-end tax planning review.

We regularly prepare a 10-year life wealth plan to turn your cash flow into life changing actions.

Whilst many business owners spend most of their time planning the affairs of their company, they spend too little time considering their own personal financial position.

Franchisee Services for Established and New Business Ventures

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