Survey shows confidence in UK tourism businesses

UK tourism trade association UKinbound has recently released data that suggests that the tourism industry confidence levels are rising.

59 per cent of businesses are optimistic about the next 12 months, according to the data collected on UKinbound members. This is the highest amount since October 2017.

Increased tourism from North America and Asia, a spike in individuals booking future travel to the UK, and the exchange rate of the Great British Pound are all contributing factors to the rise in confidence.

Tourists are drawn to the UK for its bespoke activities and culture, according to the businesses surveyed.

It’s not all positive, however, businesses have expressed concern for the opaque future of the economic and political climate in the UK which is causing issues in staff retention and recruitment, a stagnation in the variety of visiting markets, and inconsistent exchange rates.

Joss Croft, CEO of UKinbound has said: “It is encouraging that even with the uncertainty surrounding Brexit, our latest Business Barometer shows that forward bookings are strong and that there is an increase in confidence levels amongst some of our members.

“However, we remain concerned about the Government’s proposed immigration strategy post-Brexit, which will look to restrict employing EU nationals to those only earning over £30,000.

“Recruitment and retention of staff in the industry is already a challenge – due in part to Brexit, and this proposed restriction could have a real impact on the industry, which relies heavily on its EU employees due to their language and customer service skills.”