Richard Charley, former owner, Grizedale Lodge

I first approached Lamont Pridmore because I was entering the hospitality sector for the first time and needed specific advice.

Having managed successful manufacturing businesses in the past, I knew first hand that a good accountant is essential to any business.

The team was able to explain to me the industry-specifics of cashflow, P&L, investment strategy, exit and succession plans and VAT using a wealth of knowledge. This was vital as I needed to understand the seasonal implications of trading.

Lamont Pridmore stands out from the crowd because they genuinely wanted to get to know us and make sure that they understood our business objectives. Each year when we reviewed our finances they gave us as much time as necessary to discuss performance and offer advice to further develop the business.

They were able to demonstrate the benefits of improving over the first few years and avoiding heavy borrowing. They were also very knowledgeable about reclaiming taxes paid during the years our business was making a loss.

This has helped us improve the profitability of the business which ultimately helped when we came to sell the business, but not before recommending Lamont Pridmore to the new owner!