More tourism expected to the UK from Japan

Lamont Pridmore - Accountants

The growing economic and cultural bond between the UK and Japan is expected to bring an increased amount of tourism to the UK from Japanese tourists.

As the UK leaves the EU, its government is investing in the creation of a new global immigration system. Part of this will be enabling Japanese citizens to use ePassport gates upon entering the UK from summer 2019 onwards.

British and EU nationals can currently use ePassport gates to ease the transition into the country. They provide a quick and secure passage through airport borders.

A new, direct British Airways flightpath between London and Osaka is also set to begin in April which will further ease travel between the England and Japan.

Last year VisitBritain launched its global campaign “I Travel For…” in Japan in an effort to bring in more tourism from the country. The campaign focuses on the lesser-known activities and sights in the UK as well as the more popular landmarks.

Japanese tourists spend an average of over £1,000 in the UK each time they visit, compared to the market average of £625. This is a great boost to Britain’s economy.

It’s not just tourism shared between the two countries. An arts and culture programme was announced last year that will run from 2019 to 2020. The programme is set to combine the minds of Japanese and British art, technology and business experts to build strong, creative links between the two nations.

Tourism Minister, Michael Ellis, has stated: “The UK and Japan have strong cultural, artistic and sporting ties and this is translating into increased visitor numbers to our shores.

“Tourism is good for our understanding of each other’s cultures and can help strengthen our economies. With thousands of Brits expected to travel to Japan for the Rugby World Cup this year and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, our continued close relationship will benefit both nations.”