How to choose the right accountant for your family business

Lamont Pridmore - Accountants

Selecting an accountant who aligns with your own long-term goals can be a complicated decision, especially when you’re nurturing a family business.

It can be difficult to find an accountant who truly understands and meets the unique needs of your family-run enterprise.

They should provide value in the form of support, guidance, and experience to your financial concerns.

Value in this context is not merely about cost efficiency either – it’s about contributing meaningfully to your family business. And, contrary to popular belief, high fees don’t necessarily translate to top-notch service.

For some family businesses, value might be the ease of communication with their accountant; for others, it could be in-depth reporting or expert guidance on tax savings.

Lamont Pridmore takes a comprehensive approach to value, focusing particularly on the specific nuances of family-owned businesses rather than performing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ service.

We are proud to say that, on average, the value we offer is three times the fees we charge.

Our core promises to family business owners:

  • To boost your profits
  • To minimise your tax liabilities and operating costs
  • To ensure legal compliance
  • To advise on smart investment strategies
  • To facilitate the transition of wealth or business to the next generation

From your first day in business to the day you choose to sell or pass it on to the next generation, we commit to offering consistent, high-quality service.

With Lamont Pridmore, you’re not limited to a once-a-year consultation – we’re a constant partner, there to help you make critical decisions for your family business.

If you’re currently re-evaluating your accountancy options or feel your needs have evolved, perhaps it’s time to discover how we can better support you.

For a deep, meaningful connection between your business and your accountant, our team is here to help.

Help us get to know you and your business by calling 0800 234 6978 or emailing